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aluminium windows near me totton

Aluminium Windows in Totton

Aluminium windows are a terrific investment for any home in Totton. These windows use slimline aluminium frames, rather than old wood or uPVC. Because of this, you get a sleeker design that makes your living space stand out.

Not only that, but these windows are incredibly secure, and have better insulation than wood or uPVC. As a result, you can replace those windows with a beautiful aluminium option and get better performance in your home. It’s available across all window styles too!

At Forest Edge, we think aluminium windows are the future for homes in Totton. Although we’re in the New Forest, timber windows have had their day, and its time for an alternative. Aluminium is a long-lasting material that can outperform wood by decades and can help you save money in your home.

For an even better investment, we offer SMART’s Alitherm range of windows for your home. SMART is a leading company for aluminium windows, providing designs and performance that transform your space.

Aluminium Windows Security

Aluminium is dense and durable. Because of this, your new windows will have the strength you need to protect what matters most to you. Your windows will be a nightmare for intruders, while SMART’s aluminium profile will contain leading hardware, like robust hinges and shootbolts, that your aluminium will protect from rust and wear.

You can also select any window style. As a result, you could choose a tilt and turn window which stays locked even when open or french casement windows which provide an excellent fire escape.

Aluminium Windows Thermal Performance

Additionally, aluminium windows can help you protect your Totton home’s temperature. In many homes, older windows can let heat escape outside, while cold air enters through the same spaces.

Aluminium windows don’t have any flaws with their design, and their dense structure provides a thermal barrier for your home. Your window will also have advanced double glazing, making your home warmer every day. You’ll be able to cut energy costs, be more comfortable, and decrease your carbon footprint too.

Low Maintenance Aluminium Windows

If you have wooden windows, then you’ll know how challenging they are to maintain. These designs wear down, crack and twist quickly, and they can lose their appealing traditional look. However, aluminium windows are fully weatherproof, and they can retain any bold shade of colour for decades.

All you’ll have to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth, rather than regularly repaint or revarnish them. Because of this, you’ll spend less time worrying about your windows, and more time enjoying them.

Aluminium Window Range


Aluminium Casement Windows

Aluminium casement windows are a brilliant choice for your Totton home. They have a straightforward design, with a slim frame and full panel of double glazing. Because of this, you'll get plenty of natural light and slim sightlines of the New Forest around you. You can customise them in thousands of ways as well!


Aluminium French Casement Windows

Add a touch of European flair with aluminium french casement windows for your Totton home. These designs open like French doors - in two parts, outwardly. Because of this, you'll create a wider space for fresh air to enliven your living space, and you can make your home feel closer to your garden.


Aluminium Sliding Sash Windows

Aluminium sliding sash windows are timeless designs for your Totton home. You can slide the window up and down vertically, giving your home real class. And, while these windows look traditional, they have the cutting-edge thermal performance we at Forest Edge are proud to offer.


Aluminium Tilt & Turn Windows

For a flexible window, choose aluminium tilt and turn designs. These windows open in several ways, meaning you can fit them into smaller spaces and light up any room of your home. They're ideal for ventilation, easy cleaning and security too: you can open the window without unlocking it from the central bar.


Aluminium Bow & Bay Windows

Imagine aluminium windows that can make your Totton home feel more spacious! Bow and bay designs do just that, and in timeless style. The angled design extends a wall of your home outward, meaning you get slim sightlines all across the New Forest, and plenty of warmth and light as well.


Smart & Reynaers

At Forest Edge, we work with Smart and Reynaers to deliver stunning aluminium windows to homes in Totton. That way, you can be sure of making an excellent, worthwhile investment with us.

totton aluminium windows

Aluminium Windows Colour

Aluminium windows won’t fade away for years to come. Because of this, you don’t have to be afraid to create a bold and unique design that reflects your home’s personality. We have a collection of RAL colours at Forest Edge that puts the choices at your fingertips.

Select a vibrant colour or authentic woodgrain finish for your aluminium windows today, and give your Totton home something that’ll make it stand out on the street.


Aluminium Windows Prices Totton

Choose aluminium windows with an edge for your home in Totton. Choose Forest Edge to enhance your home and improve your lifestyle today!

Start by using our innovative online quote builder to compare the prices of several window designs. Customise them to create a unique option for your home, and we can give you an instant quote based on your ideas.

If you want to ask our friendly team anything else, you can fill out our online contact form today.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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