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Orangery Conservatories

These beautiful Orangery conservatories, or Orangeries, are a great choice for homeowners who wish to have more space but do not want the traditional mass of glass windows. The name derives from being used as an alternative to greenhouses to grow imported fruits, like oranges. But what is an orangery in 2019?

If you are more private in your home life, this style of conservatory is perfect for you. The enhanced number of bricks will mean that there is less view of the outside but this can be beneficial to homeowners who do have an exposed garden or just simply desire a bit more solitude.

Usually, the brickwork on your Orangery is designed to match your pre-existing masonry so that it can blend more seamlessly into the home. This gives the entire property a more united, collected aesthetic, which is increasingly popular with modern homeowners.

Due to the additional bricks, insulation is enhanced in this particular conservatory. You will be able to enjoy the Orangery all year round as it has the remarkable ability to keep you fresh in the summer, because of the windows, and warm in the winter, because of the walls.

Our efficient design combines the airiness of a conventional conservatory with the exciting practical advantages of an extension. The Orangery conservatory gives homeowners a versatile space that can be purposed for anything from a guest bedroom to an indoor home gym.

We are able to install this equally luxurious and durable conservatory expertly and reliably. You can maximise your property’s assets for an unbelievably budget price. You too can experience the full potential of your home with the Orangeries amazing beauty.

What do we do?


Increased Privacy

Orangeries have an increased brick to glass ratio, which makes it ideal for those who want to own a more reserved type of conservatory.


Beautiful Roof Lights

Exquisite roof lanterns are what distinguishes the Orangery from a regular conservatory. Although housing a flatter surface, they can still give ample amounts of light and air.


Sun Protection

Those who own a South facing property or worry about the effects of too much sunlight are suited to the Orangery, which provides copious protection from the sun.


Year-Round Use

The added insulation provides a room that can be utilised even on the coldest days, whilst still giving occupants that much loved light.


Rated Investment

Purchasing an Orangery for your property will dramatically improve its value, as it not only houses another room but also increases the elegance.


Design Options

You can tailor your design exactly to you liking with a range of design options. Looking for inspiration? Then see these amazing orangery design ideas from Ultraframe.

Temperature Function

Orangeries offer excellent thermal control because their solid wall permits cavity insulation, allowing for the reduction of heat loss. As with usual conservatories, the Orangery can trap and retain warm air – heating your home. Using heat retention in this manner means that you will use your central heating less.

The benefit of this is that your heating expenses will considerably decrease, allowing for you to spend that money elsewhere. The knock-on effect of this is that you can definitively lower your ecological footprint. By simply purchasing a conservatory you will reduce your energy consumption and therefore taking a step towards reduce carbon emissions.

Security Features

Keeping your home secure is very important to us. So, we only use updated, high-class locking systems in our Orangery conservatories. These locks stabilise the security across the entirety of the frame, making your conservatory all the more safe.

We build our conservatories with the finest resources to ensure that they maintain their integrity and can withstand the test of time. Potential intruders will be kept at bay and deterred by the remarkable degree of security provided by these home improvements.

Optional Roofing

Forest Edge Home Improvements understands that homeowners want access to customisation. That is why we have provided many choices of roof design to aim to accommodate your needs. Take a look at our selection and you will undoubtedly agree that our roofs are marvellous.

Every roof is handled with the appropriate care by our professional and experienced installation team. We strive to deliver an impeccable service every time to leave you with absolute satisfaction from a quality home improvement that will last you for many years to come.

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With us, home improvement is effortless. Forest Edge Home Improvements will give only the highest quality service. Join our other satisfied homeowners now to make the sensational leap of home enhance development.

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