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Edwardian Conservatories

The traditional Edwardian conservatory offers an expansive design that emphasises that period appeal. This sharp looking conservatory is for homeowners who wish to increase their space in a sleek yet bold fashion. With its symmetrical style, the Edwardian conservatory is for those seeking more from their homes. Although similar to Victorian conservatories, the Edwardian conservatory focuses primarily on lightness and openness, making it an ideal breathable place to relax.

Where the Victorian conservatory uses decorative glass panels, the Edwardian uses plain ones. This is to amplify the amount of light entering the conservatory and thus, helping to create the impression of more space. By employing large windows, the Edwardian conservatory maximises the view of the occupant, giving them the feel of being outdoors whilst still being inside the building. This blissful quality is incredibly desirable and is just within your reach.

This classical favourite accentuates the charm of any home. The Edwardian conservatory can be suited to all homeowners; from those who appreciate the peace a quiet that a garden can bring, to those who enjoy to entertain and be social of others. We are able to fit your Edwardian conservatory to seamlessly complement your property, whether it be a heritage or contemporary. Everyone can have their vision of a dream home with Forest Edge Home Improvement.

At Forest Edge we demand quality, that’s why we partner with leading conservatory roof manufacturer Ultraframe to bring homeowners like you the very best on the market.



Established Beauty

With a timeless roof shape that can seamlessly blend into any home, the Edwardian conservatory demonstrates a graceful magnificence whilst utilising the most space.


Customisation Options

Buying an Edwardian style conservatory means that you will have the choice of dwarf walls and door placement, allowing for a more personal edge.


Simple Sophistication

The Edwardian conservatory is normally customarily less ornate than others, giving it a clean, supple classiness that will prove an appealing addition to any home.


Efficient Installation

We ensure that our installation team adheres to our high standards of service and care. They are very knowledgeable and are always willing to help.


Colour Variety

Add a personal touch to your new conservatory by selecting a colour from our wide-range. We believe that individuality gives character.


Versatile Design

As the design of the Edwardian conservatory is so wonderfully simple, it is able to suit not only heritage homes but modern homes as well.

Heat Retention

Retaining more heat in the home is a key factor of the Edwardian conservatory. Heat is prevented from quickly escaping through the advanced glazing and the cleverly designed profile, which creates a barrier to prevent cold transfer.

By doing this, homeowners can expect to decrease their central heating usage as the conservatory will provide a natural way of keeping warmth within the property. You can keep your home warmer for longer, whilst reducing your heating use which means that you can save more money.

Security Guarantee

Keeping a high level of security is an incredibly important aspect of our Edwardian conservatories. We understand that it is imperative for homeowners to feel safe in their properties, so we have taken measures to ensure our conservatories are extremely secure.

By using the finest grade materials, we can provide a more stable construction to prevent potential intruders from entering. These excellent quality of materials combined with the intelligent design, help to reinforce the structure, reducing the likelihood of collapse and burglary.

Every part of your conservatory is of the most premium quality; modern locking systems mean ease of use is enhanced with functionality that is built to last so contemporary demands are met. We strive to give you the best security and the best service available.

Roof Selection

We provide various roof designs that allow homeowners to customise their Edwardian conservatories to fit their personal taste. Browse our beautiful styles, and you will certainly find something that is suited to you, to create your perfect aesthetic.

As recognised specialists, we can offer outstanding expertise in our field and guarantee straightforward installation and care. Our installation team delivers exceptional service and we are always looking to improve your experience with Forest Edge Home Improvements.

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There is also an online contact form that you can complete to link you to a member of our expert, friendly team. They will endeavour to answer any questions or queries and provide you with any and all the information you desire.

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