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If you’re worried about costs, our double glazing finance options will help you manage your money and enhance your property. We offer multiple credit options that allow you to invest in windows, doors and conservatory replacements without having to pay in a lump sum. Click here to learn more about our finance.

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Safe & Secure Home Improvements

Every single one of our conservatories is built to withstand the elements. There’s no need to worry about a ‘Beast from the East’ when you’re relaxing in your brand new conservatory; they’re built to last and set to handle any kind of weather, from howling winds to heavy snowfall.

Furthermore, our conservatories are built to keep your home safe and secure from potential intruders, with state of the art locks that will protect your new extension. We’ll provide the same level of safety that you’re used to with your existing New Milton home!


Durable Designs

We know our stuff here at Forest Edge Home Improvements. We are proud to work with the best of the best where conservatory installation is concerned, teaming up with companies such as Ultraframe to bring you the highest quality service in New Milton. We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently deliver outstanding conservatories every time.

There’s no need to worry about warping or fading – your conservatory is here to stay with our hard-wearing finish that keeps your new space looking fresh and exciting. We’re also happy to be able to provide such a wide scope of choice for your extension; from Edwardian to Victorian, from P-shaped to Bespoke, we’ll have the design that sets your heart aflutter!


Ultimate Energy Efficiency

We love energy efficient homes here at Forest Edge Home Improvements; we can’t get enough of them in fact. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you achieve that perfect level of energy efficiency in your new conservatory. All of our conservatories come engineered specifically to retain thermal energy, keeping the heat in so you can turn the heating off!

This is a double-win for you. Not only do you get to reduce your energy usage and carbon foot-print, saving the planet and your pocket, it also means that you get to enjoy your New Milton conservatory no matter the weather! Conservatory Christmas, here we come!

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What Conservatory Styles Do We Offer?


Victorian Conservatories

The classic conservatory! The popular Victorian style remains so for a reason; its many windows not only provide a stunning view of your garden, but also lend the room a sense of freedom and openness. When personalised and intricately designed, Victorian conservatories can be a welcome addition and fit into any New Milton home.


Edwardian Conservatories

Who doesn’t love the elegance of the Edwardian era? These conservatories follow a simple, classy design that’s spacious and lets the sky in from all angles. But these conservatories are more than just an extra space; they’re an integral addition to your New Milton home, an entirely new room for you to expand your life into.


Lean-To Conservatories

If you fear that your external space is too limited for an extension, then we have a surprise for you. The lean-to conservatory is perfect for those in New Milton who are working with less space. This makes them perfect for terraced homes and houses with smaller gardens - expanding your home without imposing.


Gable Ended Conservatories

Our Gable Ended conservatories are a great addition to an already comfortable home, not too dazzling, but just exciting enough! The simple triangular roof provides a traditional style more in line with your exisiting home, and results in a natural feel for your extension. Taking inspiration from the Edwardian design, the Gable Ended conservatories utilise a wide area, creating a spacious environment for you to enjoy.


P-Shaped Conservatories

Our P-Shaped conservatories are an amalgamation of the best features found within Victorian and lean-to conservatories. The first thing you’ll notice when you enter is the sheer breadth of space available. The P-Shaped conservatory is perfect for larger homes in New Milton, or bigger extension projects in general. It’s time to fill up some of that garden with more of your house and create the extra space you need.


T-Shaped Conservatories

If you enjoy those warm summer evenings surrounded by friends and family, or if you’re a budding New Milton socialite who likes to entertain, then you may find that one of our T-Shaped conservatories is the choice for you. A combination of the lean-to and Edwardian conservatories (or the gable-ended if you’re going for glamour), the T-Shape provides a large open area that perfectly captures the sun from all angles.


L-Shaped Conservatories

The sibling to the T-Shaped conservatory, the L-Shaped conservatory moves the extended room up to one end of the extension rather than placing it squarely in the middle. This provides you with a long space perfectly suited for a dining table for you food lovers, or perhaps a comfy couch if you like to stretch out and relax for a while with a good book.



The orangery is a truly stunning addition to any house that acts more as an extension of the home itself. Built with brick that reflects the style of your current home, the orangery perfectly blends the privacy of the New Milton home with the comfort of the conservatory. When built, we can guarantee that the orangery will become a beloved and luxurious focal point of your home.


Conservatory Roofs

We’re proud to be able to offer a fantastic range of conservatory roofs that can add the finishing touch to your new conservatory or breathe new life into an existing build. Not only are these roofs incredibly energy efficient, they’re also available in a variety of styles and designs so that you can tailor your choice. Get in touch to find the right conservatory roof for your New Milton home.

Conservatory prices

We Also Offer House Extensions and Garden Rooms


House Extensions

Perhaps you’re looking into building upon the house that’s already there. Extending your home into a new area is a great way to free up space, plus it has the added bonus of being exciting! When building a house extension, you also not only build on the property on a physical level, you also add to the value of the property overall, which we can all agree is quite a good thing for you and your New Milton home.


Garden Rooms

Perhaps you’d love to have your own conservatory, but that perfect area that catches the sun just right is sat far from your house at the end of the garden. In that case, you want a Garden Room! This smaller addition to your living space is built with the same care and attention that we put into all of our New Milton conservatories, and can be the best way to add an extra, more secluded relaxation area to your property. All the benefits of a conservatory, with more placement choice.


Conservatory Prices in New Milton

Here at Forest Edge Home Improvements we love conservatories, but we love helping our customers to find the right conservatory even more. You’ll be amazed at the quality of service we’ll provide for you, and feel ecstatic the moment you first sit back in your brand new conservatory and take it all in. We want to help customers in the New Milton area just like you experience that feeling.

Check out some of our conservatory prices using our online conservatory design tool. If you have any other questions then feel free to give us a call on 01425 541100, or fill out our contact form. Alternatively, send us an email at We’ll see you soon!

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