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lantern roof styles Fawley

Lantern Roofs Fawley

Add an elegant touch to your Fawley property with our stunning lantern roofs. Available in various styles and configurations, our products can be customised to suit your style. We work with your specifications in mind to create the perfect feature for your home. Choose from our range of glazing options and hardware accessories to add the finishing touches to your new feature.

Our lantern roofs are designed to be as weatherproof as possible, preventing the possibility of water ingress or unwanted draughts. Sealed incredibly tightly, our durable profiles work to retain warm air, stopping excessive heat loss from occurring. As a result of our innovative installations, you may even begin to see a reduction in your heating bills, saving you money over time.

Choose aluminium or uPVC for your Lantern roof in Fawley. Both materials are incredibly lightweight, providing superior levels of thermal efficiency and weatherproofing. We make sure to use premium grade materials in our lantern roofs to ensure they are resistant to even the harshest weather conditions. Enhance your space with ease with our modern solutions.


Lantern Roofs Benefits


Low Maintenance

The lantern roofs we install are incredibly low maintenance. Because they are so robust, our roofs require very little upkeep to ensure they continue to look as good as new even years after they have first been installed. Flood your Fawley property with increased light with our beautiful products.


Efficient Installation

With years of experience in the home improvements industry, we install lantern roofs to the highest standards. Instantly improve the look and feel of your Fawley home with our clever installations that are built to last. Our friendly team are available to your questions.



The lantern roofs we install are built with quality and functionality in mind. They are designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, from extreme winds to harsh rain. As a result, they eliminate the possibility for leaks and unpleasant draughts, keeping you protected.



All our products are fully customisable to suit the style and period of your Fawley home. Whatever the shape or size of your space, we can fit a made to measure lantern roof to match the specifications of your property. Explore our selection of coloured finishes and hardware.


Energy Efficient

Dramatically improve the overall energy efficiency of your Fawley property with our installations that promote incredibly low U-values. As a result of our innovative products, you will be able to heat your space for a fraction of the price. Save essential money on your bills.


Premium Quality

The lantern roofs we install are continually tested to ensure they exceed the standard set by UK Building Regulations. We are proud to provide homeowners with beautiful installations, all for a competitive price. Place your trust in us to deliver unrivalled results straight to your door.

lantern roof cost fawley

Market Value

Greatly improve the market value of your Fawley home with one of our made to measure lantern roofs. Not only will they instantly modernise your space, but they will guarantee great weatherproofing. This will be extremely attractive to any prospective buyers.

Upgrade Your Roof

Upgrade your existing roof with one of our versatile solutions. Lantern roofs are extremely simple to install, meaning you could begin enjoying their benefits sooner than you may think. They are the cost-effective alternative to a traditional extension, providing you with decades of quality.


To ensure the most accurate fit, all our products are made completely bespoke to your specifications. We listen to your requirements throughout the whole process to ensure the results are everything you had hoped for. Our team provide unrivalled results on every project.

Professional Service

Our team provide all our Fawley customers with an efficient and professional service. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and dedication to market-leading installations. Working with your specifications in mind, we aim to create the perfect feature for your home.


To guarantee they are made to last, our lantern roofs are built with longevity and performance in mind. Made of robust uPVC or aluminium, the profiles are designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. As a result, you will very rarely experience leaks with our sophisticated products.


Roof Lantern Prices Fawley

Enhance your Fawley property with one of our beautiful lantern roofs. To begin your next project with us, click on the start my quote button below to receive a bespoke price.

If you have any further questions regarding our installations, complete our online contact form below. If you would prefer to speak to someone directly, call us on 01425 541100.

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