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Aluminium vs uPVC Windows: Which Is Better?

Aluminium Windows New Forest

Choosing between aluminium windows and uPVC windows can be a tough choice when it comes to upgrading your New Forest property. Aluminium and uPVC are two of the most popular choices for framing glass features for a variety of reasons, such as their robustness, versatility and how readily available they are. However, when it comes to deciding which of the two is better, it’s mostly down to your personal preference.

These materials are perfect for window and door profiles, and you’ll find them on most buildings throughout the United Kingdom. Whilst they can fluctuate in terms of popularity, they are timeless choices that are proven to last for decades, often in great condition when properly manufactured and installed. uPVC and aluminium profiles are also suitable for double glazing, making them highly sought after by installers and homeowners alike.

Operating throughout the New Forest, Forest Edge Home Improvements is a double glazing company that prides itself on an in-depth understanding of the properties of these materials. With our years of experience in the industry, we’ve remained at the forefront of technological advancements, working hard to ensure that our products can’t be beaten in terms of quality. If you’re unsure whether your property requires aluminium windows or uPVC windows, our team is happy to offer advice. Get in touch with us today!

uPVC Windows New Forest


uPVC Windows

uPVC plastic is one of the most adaptable materials in the world. This style of plastic is used in countless everyday items and appliances due to the fact that it’s easily accessible and designed to last a long time. In terms of windows, uPVC can be manufactured into a multichambered profile which utilises advanced engineering to provide an enhanced level of strength. This can also improve thermal efficiency, as heat struggles to pass through the frame.

uPVC windows are readily affordable, and in terms of longevity, they represent a smart, cost effective investment for your New Forest property. These home improvements can be customised with a range of colours to suit various exterior brickworks, and we also offer hardware accessories to help you apply the finishing touches. Unleash your inner creativity with our bespoke uPVC windows!

Aluminium Windows New Forest


Aluminium Windows

There’s no better way to modernise a property than with state of the art aluminium windows. The slick, metallic aesthetic that these windows offer can be utterly stunning when well designed and precisely fitted. Due to the natural strength of aluminium, we can install these windows with ultra slim profiles which maximise the glass surface area without compromising on the security of the feature. This will give you unobstructed views of your New Forest home’s beautiful exterior.

In addition, aluminium is remarkably lightweight compared to other metals such as steel. This helps it to resist long term damage caused by warping effects. Our aluminium profiles are equipped with thermal breaks which can help to trap warm air inside your property, which will not only help you to stay warmer for longer during the winter months but will also improve your New Forest home’s energy efficiency. Get your aluminium window quote started today!


Window Prices New Forest

Whilst both uPVC and aluminium windows are great choices for taking your New Forest home to the next level, there are slight differences between the two. uPVC is a smart option for an affordable investment in your property, whilst premium aluminium can’t be beaten for strength and style. It’s down to personal preference whichever is better for you.

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