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How To Maintain A Composite Door

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A composite door is an innovative and impressive home installation that marries the stunning aesthetic and reassuring security of a timber door with the low maintenance external materials of uPVC – resulting in an easy to maintain composite front door. They have seen an incredible surge in popularity over recent years and with good reason – they really are the best of both worlds! Composite doors make a great alternative to traditional timber doors due to their stylish wood grain effect exterior, whilst often being considerably less costly. They are more durable than uPVC doors which are much less secure, but are just as easy to maintain and keep clean – giving you the best of both worlds. To begin your journey to stunning composite doors for your New Forest home, send us a message today and request a quote

Once you’ve got your incredible composite front door, though, how do you maintain it? Yes, they are much more low-maintenance than a traditional timber door, but to keep your composite door in top condition and looking its best, it will require some light cleaning from time to time. Composite doors are expected to last upwards of 30 years with appropriate care and they perform to an incredibly high standard. 


Do Composite Doors Need Much Maintenance? 


Not at all! To make the most of the aesthetics of your composite door, however, it’s recommended that you clean the door using warm soapy water and a clean cloth every couple of months. This helps to prevent loose dirt and grime gathering and looking unsightly. 

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How To Clean Your Composite Door


Cleaning your composite door doesn’t need to be an arduous task – it’s simply to rid it of any sticky marks from little fingers and general dirt that can accumulate on the exterior of the home. We recommend cleaning your composite door with warm soapy water and a soft microfibre cloth. You don’t want to scrub or use anything harsh such as a scrubbing brush, as this could cause harm to the bespoke powder colour coatings – we’re looking for a light touch! Cleaning your door should be a pretty quick and easy process, and will help to keep it looking spick and span for many years to come. Once your door is lovely and clean, give it a wipe down with a dry cloth or towel. 

If your door has glass panels, use a separate wet cloth and warm soapy water to polish the glass and buff dry with another soft and dry cloth to really bring out that shine. 

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Hardware Maintenance for a Composite Door 


As with any door, locks can often stiffen up over time as dirt and grime build up in the mechanism. To combat this issue, clean the locks and lubricate them using a Teflon-based lubricant. We strongly recommend that you avoid using oil-based lubricant, as this can cause its own issues further down the line. 

To keep your composite door in tip-top condition, ensure you properly lubricate the hinges, handles, spyholes and knockers every six months or so, using a light engineering oil. Again, we recommend that you avoid using WD-40 as this can dry out too quickly and cause your hardware to jar or decay with age.


Decorating Tips for Composite Doors 


We create beautiful bespoke composite doors that look fresh and stylish all year round. But why not make things even more exciting with some seasonal decorations? Perhaps you’ll step into Christmas with a charming traditional wreath, or get spooky with a spider’s web? 

It’s important to avoid using penetrative measures to attach decorations to your composite door such as nails, pins or staples as the holes left behind can allow moisture to get into the core of the door and cause damage. Instead, we recommend that you use a stick-on hook, such as a Command strip or double-sided tape. 

Ultimately, the potential for creativity is boundless when you choose a bespoke composite door from Forest Edge Home Improvements for your New Forest property. 


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Composite Door Prices New Forest 


Enhance the look of your home with a brand new composite door! Our secure and robust composite doors are sure to give your home a unique look and are designed to withstand even the harshest elements. For a bespoke price tailored to your home improvement project, try our online quoting engine today. Simply input your specifications for our range of composite doors and you’ll be well on your way to a secure, stylish and energy efficient new home. Alternatively, get in touch with our knowledgeable team, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the installation and maintenance of your new composite door.

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