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Composite Doors in Hythe

Invest in composite doors to make a lasting impression in your Hythe home. If you have an old timber door, but its starting to lose its shape or its style, then replacing it one of these incredible options can transform your entrance completely. You may want to keep the period quality of your timber doors, however. Fortunately, though, composite doors use timber in their design, combining it with uPVC, aluminium and GRP for a modern door with an authentic look.

This blend of materials makes the composite door an outstanding option. You’ll still get a timber look, and its sturdy core, but you won’t have to deal with the drawbacks. The other materials in this blend shield the timber from wind and rain, meaning it won’t crack or lose its shape as quickly. As a result, you won’t have to repaint or revarnish the door, and it’ll last longer. Not only that, but this efficient design can make your home warmer as well.

Market-Leading Composite Doors Designs

At Forest Edge, we’re proud of the partnerships we’ve built with leading manufacturers over the years. That’s why we’re lucky enough to offer you leading designs from Solidor and Door-Stop when you invest in composite doors for your Hythe home with us. These designs combine traditional looks with modern values effortlessly. As a result, you’ll be able to get stunning performance for your home that makes it more comfortable, and safer too.

Solidor’s doors use a 48mm timber core, as well as stunning Ultion interior locks. Because of this, your entry will be a nightmare for intruders. Also, you can customise their stunning designs with a vast range of colours and accessories for a unique look. Door-Stop’s designs also capture traditional design seamlessly, with a faithful recreation of old-school style. Thanks to our partners, you’ll be sure of investing in the best with us.

Composite Door Benefits


Inherently Secure

Composite doors can secure your Hythe home from any threats. Their durable design is a nightmare for intruders, meaning you can protect what matters most.


Traditional Aesthetic

Composite doors faithfully recreate traditional timber joinery. That way, they can suit older homes with their timeless design, but you can also add them anywhere.


Thermally Efficient

Your composite doors use a blend of materials, including efficient uPVC and aluminium. That way, they can insulate your home and save energy with ease.


Low Maintenance

Composite doors use timber, but don't have any of its drawbacks. These innovative designs make repainting and revarnishing relics of a past you'll leave behind.


Outstanding Quality

Thanks to our partenrships with Solidor and Door-Stop, our composite doors are market leaders. You'll be able to add a door of immaculate quality wIth us.


Tailored to You

Our composite doors are completely bespoke. You can customise the frame with unique colours and authentic woodgrain finishes, and with accessories too.

Thermally Efficient Composite Doors

Composite doors can even save you money in your Hythe home. That’s because your door can often be a crucial reason why you might be losing heat from your living space. With energy bills on the rise every year, it becomes even more vital to get the right front door to insulate your home. Composite doors, with their stunning combination of advanced materials, can give your home the insulation it needs to stay warm without relying on central heating.

As a result, you’ll be able to stay comfortable in your living space without spending as much money. Not only that, but you can even reduce your carbon footprint. All our composite doors use sustainable manufacturing values, and they don’t lose any energy from your home. As a result, you won’t waste nearly as much energy. That means you can reduce the amount of fuel you use, and you’ll improve your home’s environmental impact.

Composite Doors for Peace of Mind

Finally, composite doors can also protect what matters most to you. If you have an old wooden door, it can become fragile over time. Because of this, would-be burglars could look to target it. As your front door is the most likely target for an intruder to break into your home, it’s essential then to choose a door that can protect you and your family. Composite doors are unbelievably secure, using interior locks, durable handles and multi-point locking systems to keep you safe.

With a Solidor door, you can benefit from Ultion’s high-security locks, while Door-Stop designs also use leading internal hardware to protect what matters most to you. Not only that, but composite doors can protect your Hythe home for decades to come. The GRP skin won’t scratch, and it’ll improve the structure of the door too. That means it can perform at its peak for longer, and you won’t need to maintain it either regularly.

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