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The LivinROOF stands as a market-leading, award winning conservatory roof system from Ultraframe for homeowners. This exceptional designs guarantees exceptional quality, excelling in all areas to secure itself as a worthwhile addition to any property. Don’t settle for less for your home, as Forest Edge Home Improvements is an Ultra Installer that you can rely on.

These conservatory roofs utilise a solid roof panel system to create a traditional feel with state-of-the-art energy efficiency. Upgrading the classic conservatory roof design with modern innovation, this roof design allows homeowners to enjoy the very best of both worlds. You’ll be able to enjoy the classic look without having to worry about associated problems of the past.

This roof system is the first of its kind, allowing you increased freedom in your home improvement solutions. This design allows you to seamlessly combine solid roof and glazing, enabling you to enjoy a bright and spacious living area that achieves impressive standards of thermal efficiency, security and durability.

Market-Leading LivinRoof Design

This design is completely unsurpassed on the market, comprising of an intelligent and innovative combination of glazing bars, plasterboards and insulating boards to offer a conservatory roof design that excels in keeping your conservatory safe and warm. This design works to trap in warm air during the colder months, ensuring you can use your conservatory all year round.

Constructed from premium materials, these LivinRoofs offer exceptional standards of durability. This means that they will prove to be a worthwhile addition to your property for many years – these roofs won’t deteriorate over time, even in the face of any adverse weather.

We are trained professionals in installing conservatories. The combination of this market-leading design and our expertise guarantees a perfect fit. We’ll work with you to tailor your new conservatory roof to fit the home that you have. Our experienced installation teams can expertly fit these roofs to all types of property, both modern and traditional alike.

What do we do?


Tiled Aesthetic

The tiled aesthetic allows you to bring a traditional charm to any style of property.


Modern Materials

Ensuring performance and durability, we only use premium materials to guarantee quality.


High Performance

Excelling across the board, these conservatory roofs are the smart choice for any homeowner.


Thermal Efficiency

Enjoy a warmer and more comfortable conservatory with this roof design.


Bespoke Fitting

Easily tailored to you, this roof design can be made to perfectly fit the space that you have.


Prompt Installation

We’ll be able to install your new conservatory roof quickly, allowing you to enjoy it sooner.

Why Should I get a LivinRoof for My Home?

There are many reasons why a LivinRoof installation can easily enhance your home. Here are some of the main ones:

A Safe Investment

The LivinRoof is one of the most secure and safest. During the manufacturing process, NASA satellite data is used to judge what elements the roof will face at your home. Whether you have lots of strong wind or heavy snow, your LivinRoof will be designed to withstand hurricane winds up to 130mph. The super strong eaves beam, ridge, valley and jack rafter help make this roof secure, so you won’t have to worry about any draughts or rain getting into your home. The LivinRoof is the only solid roof that is engineered to your postcode. You can’t get any more bespoke than that.

The LivinRoof has also been fire tested. Tests took place in 2017 by Warrington fire independently and fully fire tested. The aluminium panel of the roof is fire rated as AA in line with British Standards testing, and the whole roof is rated B.

Clever Glazing

The highly configurable glazed panels used in the LivinRoof only allow natural light into your property where needed. Unlike some conservatory roofs, which allow bad UV rays in your home that can damage your property, the LivinRoof will only allow the right ones in. The shaped glazing creates a bespoke and stunning internal design, with more glazing options available, allowing the homeowner to tailor their roof to meet their style and needs.

Fit With Your Home’s Style

The LivinRoof is available with several different optional features which allow it to be further customised to meet your homes style. We offer Super Insulated Columns, choice of four cornices, and the option for a roof vent to be installed within the glass panel on the roof. Although the roof only comes in the contemporary grey colour, its neutral shade does mean that it will blend into your design and architectural style of  your property.

Guaranteed to Give Your Home Years of Service

The LivinRoof comes with a comprehensive 1o-year guarantee, meaning that you’ll be able to sleep peacefully in the knowledge that your conservatory roof will give you lots of service and will give peak performance for at least a decade.

A Versatile Solution

If you’re looking to replace your conservatory roof then the LivinRoof is a solid replacement. Ultraframe designed this roof to replace existing conservatory roofs and it is the lightest solid roof on the market. It can be configured to any shape of structure, even if it’s a complex one, with ability to have shaped glazing anywhere in the roof.

Versatile LivinROOF Fitting

Available to be made in any shape or roof style, the LivinROOF offers a pioneering degree of freedom for homeowners. You’ll be able to choose both the number and position of your glazing panels, which are perfectly fitted into the vaulted ceiling to bring a sense of brightness and spaciousness to your conservatory. A LivinRoof can fit onto a Victorian Conservatory P-Shape Conservatory, Lean-To Conservatory, T-Shape Conservatory and the Gable Conservatory.

All LivinROOFs are accompanied with a LivinROOF perimeter ceiling as standard, allowing you to customise your conservatory interior with lighting and speaker systems. We’ll be able to capture the perfect conservatory roof for you. The quick installation of these roofs means you can enjoy premium home improvements sooner and stress-free.

We can also incorporate a Classic Cornice style, which acts as a stylish way to hide any guttering and ensure a beautiful aesthetic is kept consistent across the whole design. As standard, these roofs are finished with a classic tiled grey appearance, allowing them to effortlessly complement your home with a modern, subtle addition.

Unrivalled Roof Performance

The intelligent design of these roofs allows you to enjoy a conservatory that stays warm, safe and comfortable throughout the year. Proving to be a wonderful addition to your home, the LivinROOF design is specially designed to offer more to homeowners, meaning you won’t have to settle for less than the very best.

Upholding incredibly impressive standards of thermal efficiency, these roofs allows you to increase the performance of your central to ensure your property not only gets warmer, but it stays warmer for a longer period of time. Over the year, this will allow you to notice a reduction in your heating bills, meaning these roofs bring value even after they are installed.

The security features of these roofs means they will keep your home safe and secure at all times. This is then combined with high performance weather seals and thermally efficient glazing to ensure both burglars, draughts and water ingress are kept outside of your property. It’s never been easier to enjoy the very best designs on the market.

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Get in touch with us via our online contact form today speak to a member of our team about our LivinROOF prices. We’ll work with you to tailor your price exactly to your specifications, meaning things will be as cost-effective a possible for you.

You can also get in touch with us via this method if you have any questions regarding our conservatory roof prices, other products or other services. We look forward to helping you get your perfect home improvement.

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