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When Should I Replace Old Windows?

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At Forest Edge Home Improvements, we know how much of a difference high quality windows can make to a property. That is why we install only the highest performing double glazed windows, ensuring your home is warm and secure all year round whilst still looking great. We use the highest quality materials in all our windows, ensuring you can enjoy excellent window installations with surprisingly low maintenance for a longer time. Our windows won’t dull over time, in aesthetic or efficiency, and are guaranteed to stand the test of time. 

With over 30 years of experience in the home improvement industry, Forest Edge has continued to evolve and grow to ensure that your home gets the highest standard of care before, during and after your new windows are fitted. We keep our ear to the ground for the most cutting-edge techniques to guarantee optimal materials and methods, but we believe there are advantages to keeping things old-school! Using tried and tested techniques that we have been honing for over three decades, our craftsmen are experts in all things double glazing.

That being said, it will eventually come time to replace your windows. New windows are an investment in the comfort and quality of your home, so it’s important to make sure they are performing at the standards you deserve. We’ve put together a list of eight telltale signs that it’s time to replace your old windows so you can decide if it’s time to get in touch with Forest Edge Home Improvements for an upgrade! 


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1. Your Windows Are Visibly Damaged

This is probably the most obvious sign you need to replace your windows! When a window is damaged or cracked, it’s much more prone to shatter due to extenuating factors such as extreme weather or potential intruders, leaving your home at risk of more serious damage like water seepage, mould and pests. It may also make your home easier for intruders to break into if the damage is noticeable. Getting a damaged window fixed as soon as possible will keep your family safe and help you avoid more expensive repairs further down the line.


2. Your Windows Are Draughty

Older windows can be susceptible to allowing chilly draughts to penetrate your home, which is both uncomfortable and can cause further damage to your property. Because outside air is coming in, your central heating has to work harder to keep your home at the temperature you set. 

To check for draughts, close your window, lock it and hold your hand at the bottom or top of your window sash where it meets the frame. If you can feel air coming in, you have a draught and it’s time to check on your other windows and get in touch with Forest Edge Home Improvements!


3. Your Energy Bills Are Rising For No Reason

There are many factors that can cause your energy bills to skyrocket, but if you’ve noticed that they’ve slowly crept up your windows might be to blame. Replacing old windows with new, energy-efficient double glazing helps to lower your monthly bills and makes sure your central heating doesn’t need to work harder than necessary. With the price of heating climbing ever higher, creating an efficient and well-insulated home can save you a lot of money in the long run! 


4. Condensation Forms On The Inside of Your Windows

Condensation on the inside of your window usually means your windows are leaking air or your home is humid and can be easily remedied with the help of dehumidifiers and regular ventilation of your space. If you notice condensation between the panes of your double glazed windows, however, it’s a sign that the air-tight seal of your window has failed and the insulating gas has escaped. At this point, your double glazing is no longer effective in insulating your home, so it’s time to get those windows replaced. 

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5. Furniture Around Your Windows Is Faded

If the furniture, carpet, rugs or decor that is exposed to the sunlight coming through your windows is showing signs of fading or bleaching, your old windows probably aren’t don’t have the UV protection offered by more contemporary solutions. Glazing with a low U-value is treated with a microscopic film that keeps UV rays and solar heat from passing through. This prevents your furniture, carpet and curtains from fading, and helps to keep your home looking its best for longer! It’s good to be aware, also, that sun damage to your furnishings is a hint that your skin may also be affected by the sun streaming through your old windows. 


6. Your Windows Don’t Dampen Sound

If you live near busy roads, venues, train tracks or just have neighbours that like to party, you might think there’s nothing you can do about the noise. But there is! Modern double glazed windows provide noticeable sound dampening thanks to the additional layer of insulation. To request a quote for new, soundproof windows, get in touch with our team today!


7. Your Windows Are Hard To Open and Close     

Every window can have a hard time opening and closing throughout its lifespan, due to dirt getting caught in the mechanisms. However, if you have cleaned the profiles and attempted to fix sticky window hinges multiple times throughout the years and the windows only get worse, it may be time to look for replacement windows. Warping is an rirksome side-effect of old windows, meaning that they become distorted as a result of temperature fluctuations, inclement weather or forceful usage. A stuck window is frustrating and could lead to it remaining jammed in an open position, exposing your home to the elements and potential intruders. Don’t wait until it’s too late, contact us for advice about replacing your old windows! 


8. Your Allergies are Worse than Usual

Depending on the time of year, allergens may be making their way into your home through ineffectively-sealed windows. Even the best of window seals degrade over time, but if it’s been more than 15 years since your windows were installed, it may be time to replace your old windows in favour of an upgrade. Get in touch with Forest Edge Home Improvements today to learn more about the extensive range of windows we offer and see how they elevate the style and performance of your home! 

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If you’re wondering whether it’s time to replace your old windows, get in touch with the helpful experts at Forest Edge Home Improvements for advice! We can help you to design fresh windows to brighten your home and offer free, no-obligation quotes to help you decide. Simply leave a message via our contact form or call us at 01425 541100 to chat with an expert. We look forward to hearing from you!

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